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When you call AAA Plumbing, you get the job done right the first time and enjoy the benefits of peace of mind!

April 3, 2017
With 100% Professionalism and Integrity in providing a Master Bathroom and Guest Bathroom remodels, AAA Plumbing and Mr. Ismael along with his team of plumbers, Gilbert and Ron, with sixty-three (63) years plus of plumbing experience have provided us with Gorgeous and Excellent examples of upgraded tile crafted bathrooms.
To begin any home construction and/or remodel, permits and inspections are required. With permits obtained in a timely manner, inspections were passed with no problems.
These three men were very kind, courteous and respectful. Before, during and after the work began, they prepared our home taking care to protect our property and while working every area was clean. We are extremely Satisfied and Excited to commence the use of our Amazing, Wonderful and Beautiful bathrooms and share them with family, friends and our community by viewing these photos.
We would like to Thank Mr. Ismael, AAA Plumbing, Gilbert and Ron so much for the Fantastic Artistry they have demonstrated in our bathroom remodeling. We will cherish them for life.
We highly recommend AAA Plumbing and company of their team of plumbers to anyone and/or company, who may have a need for home construction, remodeling or repairs.
Johnny and Barbara

AAA Plumbing
Two weeks ago I was having issues with my plumbing in my brick veneer home. I had a large leak underneath my home. So I went to the Yellow Pages to find a plumbing company and found AAA Plumbing. When I made contact with them, we setup an appointment the following day to see what they recommend I should do to correct the problem. They recommended that I should replace all my water lines Hot and Cold using a more modern piping going through the attic and walls to run the lines.

The second project was to tear down and replace the old bathroom tub with a disabled shower. I want to personally thank the owner of AAA Plumbing for doing such a super and professional job.
I highly recommend this company to anybody that is having plumbing issues and/or to upgrade their plumbing. His prices are reasonable, honest, and 100% satisfied.

Eloy Flores


AAA Plumbing made my day! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of resetting my toilet. The manner in which you bolted the toilet floor flange ring to the concrete provided the strong and firm resetting my toilet needed. I just wished I had called you when I first purchased my new toilet seat. Thank you for the fast and responsive service you provided. Now I can 'sit' on my throne and feel like a queen!

~~Petra V.

On June 4, 2011, I had the worst tragedy of my life.  I noticed the carpet in my walk-in closet damp, which to me was strange because in 12 years that I've had my home this had never happened.   Within a couple of hours the whole closet was flooded it was about 11 p.m.  I noticed the carpet in my bedroom was also damping up and then the panic started.  I had hired Ismael, with McAllen Plumbing years ago to install new faucets to the sinks and he had left his business decal stuck to the cabinet in case of an emergency.   Desperately, I called the insurance crying my eyes out and was told to turn off the water and call a plumber.  I didn't even sleep that night from the nerves and first thing at 7 a.m. I called McAllen Plumbing, which is now AAA Plumbing, he came right over and did his best to reassure me that everything would be alright and did a wonderful job to calm my nerves.  He advised me to repipe the whole house instead of just fixing that one leak so I wouldn't be in this dilemma once again in the future.  He assured me that he would work with me to pay him the balance the insurance company wouldn't pay and that helped me tremendously.  His complete work was wonderful and neatly done, even the insurance adjuster agreed with his professionalism.  I would highly recommend AAA Plumbing because not only does he do excellent work, but he's very compassionate to your desperate emotions and strives to give you that helping hand when you most need it. 
Thanks so Much AAA Plumbing!  

Angie from McAllen

I knew I had a problem when I noticed a wet outside foundation near the kitchen which I thought was caused by a leaking dishwasher. I called AAA Plumbing on the morning of Jan. 9th and told them I had a leak. Ismael called me right back and was here within an hour. He told me that the leak wasn't from the dishwasher but between the wall. I'd had previous leaks which Ismael had fixed to my satisfaction. We discussed whether to just fix this leak and wait for the next one or whether to re-pipe the whole house. After weighing the pros and cons, I decided to let him re-pipe the whole house. I was pleased with the professionalism of his crew and the way they cleaned up after they were through. I have used AAA Plumbing for many years and would recommend them for anyone needing a plumber.


We would like to extend our appreciation to AAA Plumbing, Ismael and his crew for their hard work in re-piping our home. The thought of having to re-pipe a home can feel overwhelming but AAA Plumbing helped us understand the problem and they worked with us to look all available options, when it came to fixing the water leak. After careful consideration, we found that re-piping was the best option for our home, the kids, the family and for our peace of mind. Once the decision to re-pipe was made, we simply went to the bank and financed the project.
We appreciate the care they took working on our home. As I watched them work, I realized that they are experts and very experienced in this area. They worked efficiently and they worked hard to get the job done right. We are completely satisfied with AAA Plumbing, Ismael and his great crew.

The Garzas

The diverter spout in our bath leaked and broke off on a Saturday afternoon. We called AAA plumbing and Ismael and his helper came over in about a half hour. They opened the wall in the closet behind the shower, made the necessary repairs and put up an access panel to cover the hole, all in short time. No plastering or painting was needed. They worked carefully, cleaned up before they left and the price was fair. We will certainly call them the next time we need a plumber.      

Ron in McAllen

Aaa plumbing did a wonderful job. We needed a shower drain pan replaced which is a lot of work.
We also needed the bathroom made more accessible for a family member who uses a walker acd wheelchair at times. The job also required inspection by the city and passed with each requirement. Ismael and his crew are polite and very neat. Each day they did not leave without cleaning up. We have used this company before and are always very pleased with each job. Very dependable. Also, the tle wrk had to be replaced and it turned out beautiful. Thanks for a job well done.
Barbara and Ed

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